Kids, They Just Don’t Listen!

May 23, 2008

How many times have you said “kids, they just don’ t listen”.  Have you ever thought “Am I saying the right thing?” or “Is my tone, attitude or method just not effective with the kids?”  Well, you won’t be first and you won’t be the last.

Recently I became the latest to realize that when dealing with kids you need to change your tactics. Instead of treating them like adults and expecting them to understand and agree, I tried to do something that will get there attention, that is funny, something they will remember.

The kdis were not interested in the fielding drill we were doing.  I tried a new approach: I asked one of the kids to throw a ground ball to me so I could demonstrate the correct technique.  When the ball came to me I missed the ball purposely and fell to the ground.  The kids started to laugh. I got up, scratched my head and asked if anyone could help me.  Long and behold, I had three volunteers giving me tips (the tips that I had been teaching them all along) on how to correctly catch the ball.  The others were busy muttering amongst themselve about the best way to help the coach.

Instantly, I could tell I foudn a way to get the kids interest.  I also realized I had given them the opportunity to be the authority – a change of roles they just cherished.

That episode changed my  perception on the right way to teach kids baseball.  I don’t use this technique all the time but I use similar ploys when needed.

The bottom line – keep things fresh and fun when teaching kids and you willl succeed.

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Little Leaguers: Learn to Hustle

May 7, 2008

Hello Parents!

Do you remember playing Little League as a kid?  Remember the first time you didn’t hustle down the base path?  The baseball coach wouldn’t let you live it down, if you’re dad was present he’d pull you off the field and give you a good scolding.   These days you see more and more of it.  Look at the Major Leagues, every night of Sports Center or other ESPN you see it.  What kind of example is that for our kids.

I coach 7 to 9 years old  and see the same thing. It’s not all the kids; and I understand some of the kids really don’t have any interest in organized youth baseball.  However, that type of behavior should not be tolerated.  So, at the beginning of the year, I let them know what my expectations are, and gving your best effort is in the top 3.

We can’t completely blame the pros.  We, as parents, need to enforce and teach our kids why giving our best is so important.  Remember, you’re laying their foundations of their work ethic now!

So the next time you’re at the kid’s basebal game or baseball practice and you see lack of hustle on their part – jump on it quick.  You don’t have to embarass them. Wait till you get home and TALK about it and let them know that type of behavior will not be tolerated.   In years to come you’ll kids will understand and be glad they had parents who showed them the way – nad they will carry it on to the next generation.


Youth Baseball Clinics & Camps

May 7, 2008

Hi Baseball Fans!

Summer is almost here!  Are you looking for some great summer time fun for your kids?  Well, I found that signing my kids up for a youth baseball clinic was a very good idea – ask my kids!

A friend told me about a youth baseball camp in town.  In fact a similar one is run in many cities in the U.S.A. each summer.   These camps teach kids baseball tips and techniques.  The ages vary but usually it’s open for kids 7 to 13 years old.  The program runs for 6 consecutive weeks, 5 days a week with each session lasting about an hour.  The baseball camp is run by  various members of the local  baseball teams.

My kids raved about the kids baseball camp and couldn’t wait to go back each day.  They met friends, got some exercise, practiced baseball skill and got some great baseball coaching from the staff. It also was a great distraction from the “video game” syndrome.

The kicker – the program was absolutely FREE.  

Visit,  for some really good tips for baseball youth instruction.

Youth Baseball: Get Outside and Exercise

May 6, 2008

Hey! summer is almost here and  you need some family exercise.  Are you going to have the kid’s exercise their fingers (playing video games)  the whole season?  What about some family summer fun to teach kids baseball? 

How have things come so far?  Do you remember spending the summer playing organized youth baseball and spenting every summer day playing baseball from sun up till sun do.

Times have changed and, I guess, we parents need to change some too.  We need to be vigilant watching our kids but it doesn’t mean we can’t get some family summer fun and teach kids baseball at the sametime!   

Here’s a fun family baseball tip:  Once a week, in the early evening, go in the backyard or to the park and practice baseball with the kids. You don’t have to use a baseball, try a wiffle ball, tennis ball or even the old Pensie Pinkie or Spaldeen rubber balls.

Come on! Get out there with the kids for some family summer fun playing baseball.  The memories of these nights will surely endure.  They will be revisited over and over in the future through the smell of the sweet summer night air. 

Baseball can be more than a game. It could be what sweet members are made of.

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